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March 11, 2019

By Gary A. Puckrein, PhD

11 March 2019

By Gary A. Puckrein, PhD

About a decade ago, a conversation with an old friend, Robert Goldberg, raised some questions that have stayed with me: Is human sustainability possible? What is sustainability? Is it practical to even contemplate human sustainability? Over the years, that conversation shaped my work at the National Minority Quality Forum. For my staff and colleagues, I have translated my effort to answer those questions as a struggle to control health outcomes.

I now want to bring the conversation into the public square in the form of a series of blog posts. The timing is appropriate. As we move deeper into the twenty-first century, our reactions to existential threats must be resilient and sustainable. The alarms are sounding, and we must recognize the evidence that the objective world is imposing upon us.

In this series of posts, I will describe the threats that gather around us and suggest that we lean into those challenges by managing our societies so as to engineer a world of sustainable, healthy communities. I encourage you join the discussion—questioning the premises, arguing with friends, asking elected officials, and building models. We have everything to gain by a global quest for sustainability. We must husband the garden that is home to all known life.

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