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April 24, 2024

By digitalpresent

A Message From Chief Executive Officer


National Minority Quality Forum

I started the National Minority Quality Forum in 1998. And over the past 25 years or so we have focused on data driven solutions to protect the most vulnerable. Be it Y2K, Hurricane Katrina, a financial crisis, six government shutdowns, and even a worldwide pandemic, we persevered to not only make it through our seemingly never ending issues to help those in most need.

However, during our Silver Anniversary, we at NMQF thought it would be more important to think of all that we could do; all that we all could be. That’s why we thought it best to Reimagine Healthcare to Protect the Most Vulnerable. What does a health system look like that truly works to better the circumstances for all? What does a government look like that places a community first? Well, we explored this and even reimagined the National Minority Quality Forum.

Over time, we grew, from an organization with just a handful of staffers, to a non-profit business with over 30 employees. We transformed from our rigid hierarchical structure to five different centers that all worked in their specialty areas to improve healthcare for all. This new center model improved our advocacy and outreach, our research and response, our public policy and—we hope—our public face. We, ourselves, better utilized and promoted the skills of the team and re-created a better organization.

And while we know it’s a bit scary to reimagine everything—even ourselves—just exploring what “could be” can, and will, make you better.

Gary A. Puckrein, PhD