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April 21, 2020

By Gary A. Puckrein, PhD

For Immediate Release

April 20, 2020 | Washington, DC

National Minority Quality Forum Letter to Congressional Appropriations Leaders on CARES Act Priorities

The lack of medical options for communities of color has been laid bare by this pandemic; the majority of these fatalities have occurred in medically underserved areas. We believe that providing resources to train healthcare workers of color may contribute to closing the gap in access to care. Currently, there are less than five (5) medical schools and hospitals associated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) or Minority Serving Institutions (MSI), despite the unique medical needs to communities of color. These dynamics have likely limited minority students from pursuing degrees in medicine and serving their communities. It has also denied the residents of minority communities reliable, culturally aware healthcare and life-saving options. In order to close these disparity gaps, it is ultimately necessary to both better fund the current aforementioned medical schools and create more medical programs associated with HBCUs and MSIs.

Our responsibility is to ensure that no community is disproportionately at risk of being infected by the virus or have their lives cut short as a result of essential work, health status, access to care, age, race, or place of residency. As NMQF has always worked across the healthcare space, we understand that working collaboratively is the only way we can successfully lower the spread of the virus and build sustainable healthy communities.

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About the National Minority Quality Forum

The National Minority Quality Forum assists health care providers, professionals, administrators, researchers, policymakers, and community and faith-based organizations in delivering appropriate health care to minority communities. This assistance is based on providing the evidence in the form of science, research, and analysis that will lead to the effective organization and management of system resources to improve the quality and safety of health care for the entire U.S. population, including minorities.

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