Every community has a right and unique opportunity to self-determine the medical innovation that can bring the greatest benefit to the physical and economic health of its residents.

A Clinical Trial Learning Community model can help multiple stakeholders within a geographic community join together to articulate its prevalent health conditions, recognize its unique history of research among its populations, establish an equity-centered vision, and develop its assets to bring home relevant clinical research and medical innovations, as well as their benefits.

Join us at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT to discuss reasons and strategies for elevating community voices to lead the change towards representative clinical research.

Lina Victoria Mata McMurry, MD
Vice President, Clinical & Social Research and Development
National Minority Quality Forum

Megan Lockwood, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Ana Vasquez
Patient and DC resident

Bishop J. L. Carter
Pastor, ARK Church
Baltimore, MD

Mary Stober Murray, MS PopH
Vice President, Collaborative Action Networks
National Minority Quality Forum

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