2024 Annual NMQF Leadership Summit

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In 2003, NMQF hosted its first-ever National Annual Summit on Health Disparities. The Summit works with healthcare providers, professionals, administrators, researchers, lawmakers, policymakers, community and faith-based organizations in educating and delivering quality care to diverse populations. With over 700 attendees from across the nation, the Summit works to educate the nation’s top leaders across the healthcare continuum.

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Summit Spotlight: Dr. Yolanda Lawson

Dr. Yolanda Lawson


Yolanda Lawson, M.D., was recently installed as the 124th President of the National Medical Association.

She is an Associate Attending at Baylor University Medical Center and is the founder of MadeWell OBGYN in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Lawson is deeply committed to the issue of health disparities of Black women and common issues faced by Black physicians. In her work with women, she addresses maternal health, cardiovascular issues, and HIV/AIDS. Her focus also includes the study of how to use digital innovation to close the gap in healthcare disparities faced by Black people, and the impact of healthcare in the workforce of Black physicians, including racism and burnout.

She sits on a variety of boards and committees and is active in many other community activities and organizations. Her professional time is divided between her patient practice, as Medical Director for a community-based organization that addresses HIV treatment and prevention disparities in target communities, and as a medical science advisor.

Succeeding outgoing NMA President, Garfield Clunie, M.D., Dr. Lawson brings a wealth of experience and skills to her new role as President of this historic organization, was founded in 1895 by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, and is the largest and oldest organization representing African American physicians and their patients.

2024 Award Winners

These outstanding individuals will be honored at the 2024 Annual Leadership Summit

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    Dr. Bernard Harris

    Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Vesalius Ventures

    Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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    Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester

    U.S. Representative for At-Large Congressional District of Delaware

    Congressional Award Winner

  • image of leader

    Martha Cramer

    U.S. Senate Health Policy Advisor

    Congressional Award Winner Congressional Staff Leadership

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    Fund II Foundation

    Booker T. Washington Award Winner

  • image of leader

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

    Booker T. Washington Award Winner

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Secure your spot at NMQF's Annual Summit on Health Disparities, uniting over 700 healthcare leaders committed to quality care for diverse populations. Register today to join the nation's healthcare visionaries!
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2024 Summit Agenda

Explore the agenda for NMQF's Annual Summit on Health Disparities, featuring healthcare providers, professionals, policymakers, and community organizations nationwide. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with the nation's top leaders across the healthcare continuum.
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40 Under 40 Leaders In Health

“This year we welcome the next generation of leaders as we examine progress made over the last 25 years in the fight for health equity to identify opportunities ahead of us. These young leaders are at the top of their fields representing the perspective of communities that have historically been invisible. Data shows us now that the work of these 40 under 40 leaders will be essential to meet the demand of the emerging, diverse health market.”

— Gary A. Puckrein, PhD, President and CEO
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The 40 Under 40 Fund

A campaign we’ve launched to support future honorees and the mission of NMQF.

We want to build on the success of 40 Under 40 to create programming and events—like mentoring and career development workshops-- that help cultivate the next generation of healthcare leaders of color. We also want to provide need-based stipends for young minority healthcare professionals to attend the NMQF Summit.
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2019 Annual Leadership Summit

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April 25, 2023 -

By Gary A. Puckrein

National Minority Quality Forum convenes Corporate Roundtable to address critical challenges in the era of health care reform

Communities of color have borne a disproportionate burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although large numbers of Black and Hispanic people have kept essential industries operating through...
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