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July 27, 2022

By Gary A. Puckrein, PhD

New Survey Reveals Healthcare Policy Priorities of Communities of Color


WASHINGTON – The National Hispanic Council on Aging (NHCOA) and National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) released results from a recent joint poll conducted by Morning Consult revealing that voters with chronic conditions, seniors, and voters of color’s top health care priorities for the midterm elections include lowering out-of-pocket costs, addressing health equity and paving the way for research and development (R&D) for future innovative treatments.

Key takeaways from the poll include:

Reducing Overall Costs of Health Care Coverage Is Top of Mind for Voters of Color This November

●        A plurality of voters of color (28%) stated that high out-of-pocket costs are the most critical health care issue when voting in the upcoming midterm elections.

o   In fact, 69% of voters of color believe that reducing the overall cost of health care coverage such as premiums, deductibles and copays should be the main focus for Congress, with 18% expressing reducing drug prices should be the focus.

●        One-in-five (19%) voters of color rank addressing racial disparities in the health care system as the most important or second most important issue in the upcoming midterms.

Vulnerable Communities Concerned with Health Care Access and Increased Health Disparities

●        Voters of color (63%), immigrants (64%), and people with chronic conditions (62%) agree the pandemic has made them worried about their family’s access to health care.

●        72% of voters of color expressed that the pandemic has made them realize that issues of systematic racism and health disparities need to be addressed.

●        75% of immigrants agree that the pandemic has made them realize the need to address health equity.

●        83% of voters of color say health equity is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed.

Voters of Color Oppose Government Drug Price Negotiation Once They Learn About Tradeoffs to Access and Innovation

●        78% of voters of color agree that the pandemic has made them realize the protection of research and development is paramount to the creation of new medicines and innovative treatments.

●        Voters of color (51%), those with chronic conditions (58%), and seniors (61%) are opposed to government drug pricing after learning it could delay people’s access to new prescription medicines.

●        In fact, the majority of seniors and people with chronic conditions oppose government drug price negotiation once presented with a myriad of potential tradeoffs:


“Vulnerable populations continue to be impacted by health care inequity and the pandemic has exacerbated and made the issue harder to ignore,” said National Hispanic Council on Aging President and CEO Dr. Yanira Cruz. “This poll confirms that communities of color want their elected officials to prioritize reforms that address their true health care concerns without impacting their access to future innovations or leaving them even more vulnerable to the impacts of future public health challenges.”

“This poll highlights real concerns about a health system that continues to fall short of meeting the needs of patients of color, their families and communities,” said National Minority Quality Forum President and CEO Dr. Gary A. Puckrein. “Our nation’s elected and appointed officials must engage in efforts to reimagine the health services enterprise in a manner that assigns the highest value to mitigation of patient risk.  Congress must consider how any potential policies could serve to delay or prevent access to essential therapies.” 

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