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March 21, 2022

By Gary A. Puckrein, PhD

Today, National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) announced the launch of For Your Health News (FYHN), a powerful new digital application that is capturing trending news about an emerging healthcare market in the United States—the health of black, brown and rural communities.

Each day, FYHN presents its readers with the top stories selected from more than 80,000 online news outlets. Stories about change, the resistance to change, and the birthing of new voices in healthcare are all to be found on FYHN. It introduces  users to the industry leaders, the entrepreneurs, the patient advocates, the clinicians, the elected officials who are challenging the old order by reimagining the American healthcare system stripped of historic inequities.   

As important as they may be, FYHN is more than a collection of trending stories. FYHN news gathering capabilities are enhanced by a network of microsites. Each microsite, which is generally two or three web pages, features a specific bit of curated information. The microsites are optimized to provide a quick, authoritative response to search a query or behavior indicating interest in a topic while giving the user the option to get more details, drawing them into a nondirective conversation. FYHN and its microsites share a common digital platform that will be powered by machine learning; the combination translates into a continuous learning community where bi-directional interaction improves audience response and engagement which in turn informs FYHN’s ability to better serve its audience.

FYHN is for those who want to better understand an emerging market that is pushing aside a legacy healthcare system that is failing to meet the needs of its new customers. These new voices are demanding a new set of relationships between provider and consumer. They are demanding solutions to the inequities and disparities that belong to an old order. They want to support policies and businesses that prioritize the health of their family and community. They are eager to collaborate in a reframing of a system that year after year produced disparities in healthcare evidenced as unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency room visits, disabilities and deaths.  

“FYHN is about the health of an emerging majority,” Gary A. Puckrein, Ph.D., President and CEO of NMQF observes. “It signals the maturation of the health disparities movement, and its transformation into a new consumer base willing to reward markets that understand and prioritize its needs.” 

FYHN will deliver trending, science-based health information to communities that have been poorly served by mainstream media.  


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